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    Flexible Moulding

    Flexible Moulding
    Flexible Mouldings

    This Flexible trim moulding is an easy and economical alternative for half round window and door trimmings as well as curved stair wells and other radius situations where wood simply cannot bend. After installed and finished, its appearance is identical to wood products in that same application.

    Advantages: Available in 6' to 12' lengths. Can be cut shaped or sanded using normal woodworking equipment. When painting, primer coats are not necessary and all paints are compatible. When staining a heavily pigmented stain is required and should be finished with a clear product. Can accommodate virtually any radius requirement 3 times a profiles width or greater.

    When ordering, please specify the part number, length - (linial feet) and surface; smooth finish, oak or pine texture. Can't Find Your Moulding Profile Call Gerry Sr. @ 440 255 8855. Or Fax Us A Drawing @ 440 255 0997
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